domingo, 17 de junio de 2012

Punta del Este by Azamara Club Cruises

Punta del Este – Uruguay’s Playground in Paradise
Casapueblo & Ralli Museum
 Long considered one of the most incredible seaside destinations in the world, this small South American town of 10,000 plays host to over 500,000 visitors each year—including a veritable who’s who in the fields of entertainment, fashion and business. And no wonder! Punta del Este’s 20-miles of beaches are spectacular and distinctive, offering big waves at La Brava for the more adventurous surfing set, or calmer waters at La Mansa, ideal for doing nothing but relaxing or working on your tan.
Casapueblo & Ralli Museum Mermaids
 And as one of our Destination Immersion ports of call, Punta del Este recently provided a number of fantastic Land Discoveries® for our guests aboard the Azamara Quest. We visited such notable sites as Casapueblo, the house of renowned Uruguayan artist Carlos Páez Vilaró, which has been converted into a museum, art gallery and hotel; the Ralli Museum, home to one of the most important collections of contemporary Latin American art in the world, including many original works by Salvador Dali; and Monumento al Ahogado, the famous five-finger sculpture partially submerged in sand.
 Of course, given that this luxurious resort town is such a popular hot spot, it’s only natural that Punta del Este has a fantastic nightlife—a perfect destination for an overnight stay during our 9-Night South America Christmas. This South American jewel is also part of our exciting 9-Night New Years Eve in Rio de Janeiro. If you’d like to learn about the beauty, beaches and the fun that await you in Punta del Este, visit for more destination information.

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